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Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)

Transforming Touch® Practitioner
Facilitator in Family Constellations

What do I offer?

I’d like to support You to become more aware of Your inner strenghts and potential. Together we will look into what’s standing in Your way to experience life with greater joy.

As of June 2023 I’ll be located in Linköping, Sweden, and I’m looking forward to recieve both old and new clients, avaliable for on-line sessions to start with.

I’m fluent in Swedish and English.


“My main interest is in personal growth. I’ve discovered that different traumas might stand in the way for people to live their life fully, and unreleased tensions and stress can lead to larger mental and physical health concerns.”

Helena Swanstrom

Individual Sessions

My focus is to support individuals in their own healing process and also become more aware of their inner strengths. By increased awareness and helpful tools you’ll be able to deal with matters that you’re now willing to look into.

Family Constellations

Some issues are benefited by looked into using a group of people (or figures) who get to represent one or some in your family system.

Tele Health/Zoom Sessions

If you of any reason can’t come for a personal session, online sessions via Zoom or Skype works just as well. During the Covid-19 pandemic my experience have grown thanks to the willingness of my clients to explore this way of working. What many clients experiences is that they feel safe being in their own home environment and that the quality of the session is just as beneficial.

Helena Swanstrom

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) I have learnt to trust the bodys capacity to self regulate. By increased body awareness and the exploration of the language of the nervous system, the body can release stored tensions and recover from stress and trauma.

I’d Love to Support You

Do you ever experience thoughts or feelings like…

“I never feel safe anywhere”
“I never seem to find my place”
“I think I push people away”
“Since my car accident I haven’t been able to drive again”
“I feel I need to take care of everyone and I’m tired”
“When I’m getting close to someone, I get scared and leave”
“Since the attack I’m constantly on guard”
“I always fear that I will lose everything”
“I would love to enjoy life more”

What my clients say:

”Helena is one of the greatest gifts life has given me. I met Helena a few months before the birth of my daughter. I was eager to resolve some longstanding, intractable issues that had resisted change even after years of therapy and meditation practice. After just 11 sessions with Helena, not only have many of those issues shifted, but Helena has also helped me to achieve a deepened sense of self-acceptance and peace. Sessions with Helena are like gentle, but profound, highly personalized guided meditations. They have helped me to embrace and soften in some of the darkest and scariest corners of my soul. I can’t believe it but in just this short time I feel like a new person: happier, stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to take good care of myself and those I love. I couldn’t recommend Helena more highly.”

Jessie L

“Helena is a lovely, warm, and caring therapist. The combination of family constellations work and somatic experiencing leads to great insight, has helped me be pay better attention to my body, and recognize the importance of existing relationships in my life. She is attentive to limits, but has challenged me in the places I needed in order to move forward. I am so glad to be working with her.”


”When I learned about Somatic Experiencing (SE), I was searching for an approach for healing a physical condition that I thought was originating from unprocessed stress in my body. The SE approach resonated a lot with me. Then I met with Helena and found a lot more than I expected. That day, I embarked on a journey of profound healing and growth.

Her support comes from a place of love, respect, empathy and wisdom. She speaks the language of the mind as well as the language of the body, as they work hand in hand in the healing process. Her great knowledge is applied in a seamless way, without using labels or technical terms. In this safe space, unmet needs and unprocessed traumas gently unfold, always in respect of the capacity available in the moment. And as they did, I gained more safety, freedom and resilience.

For me, this journey is about connecting to our full human potential.
Thank you, Helena, for doing this important work. You are a wonderful human being.


“I experienced really wonderful sessions with Helena over Zoom. Having done several in person sessions with her prior to working over Zoom, I found that she was able to create an equally safe and loving container in which I could feel her presence and receive the benefits of her skillful guidance and expertise during our transformational online sessions together.”


”I have been through several different types of therapy, which have all helped me, but I still had bodily reactions that I couldn’t control and that kept coming back. Working with Helena has been very powerful, I have discovered new ways of exploring my sensations and reactions, and mostly ways to live through them and grow stronger and calmer. As a physician and neurologist, I am absolutely amazed by the extent of knowledge Helena has of the nervous system, and its relationship to emotions and sensations. As soon as I started with her, I realized that she is extremely competent, very experienced, and her techniques are based on hard science, and a profound knowledge of the nervous system and the body. Helena is a very strong therapist, she is confident, knowledgable, and very resourceful. Every session is a powerful experience, it is sometimes a difficult journey, but definitely the most powerful and profoundly healing that I have experienced. She has the rare ability to make you feel supported and safe, while empowering you to be able to heal on your own. Thank you so much. ”

Emilie R

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