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My Background

I’m a Cardiology nurse from Sweden with 30 years experience of working with people. Apart from nursing in Sweden and Norway, I also worked as a manager, project leader and educator in the province of Sweden I used to live. After many years of working with people who suffered from different physical health issues, I got more and more interested in supporting people in their own healing journey, focusing on the wholeness of our being when we also include our mental and spiritual health.

Starting with myself I began a transformative journey doing an 18 months training in Sweden called “Training for life”. It was a self-explorative training which gave me several tools and new insights about myself.

My main interest and focus are in personal growth. I’ve discovered that different traumas might stand in the way for people to live their life fully, and unreleased tensions and stress can lead to larger mental and physical health concerns.

My Approach & Philosophy

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SE™Practitioner) I have learnt to trust the bodys capacity to self regulate. By increased body awareness and the exploration of the language of the nervous system, the body can release stored tensions and recover from stress and trauma. Between the time I’ve started and completed the training to become a SE™Practitioner my clientele has slightly shifted. Today most people who contact me have heard about SE™ and are curious about working in a more somatic way. As an example, I sometimes get referrals from body workers like osteopaths or acupuncturists, who have noticed that their clients have difficulties when being touched. They might brace, get numb and find it very hard to receive the treatment. By using the tool of SE™ the client gets supported in renegotiating the traumatic event and can move towards bigger self-regulation and therefore grow his/her capacity. For more info about Somatic Experiencing® follow this link.

Using Transforming Touch® or Transforming Intentional Touch® is another profound way to work with developmental trauma. For more info follow this link.

Some issues and traumas might not even belong to you….it might have started generations ago, or somewhere else in your family system when some things are not in balance.
Follow this link to read more about how I work with Family Constellations.

A few years back I moved to Canada and it’s also here I’ve done some of my trainings. I first started my private practice in Montreal and a couple of years later, when we moved to the Eastern Townships, I also opened my second practice in North Hatley. 

From the spring of 2020 I’m full time in North Hatley. After almost 2 years working online during the pandemic,  I’m now seeing clients in my practice again!

However, I have only positive experiences of having sessions online, so this option will of course still be available. For more info about Tele-Health follow this link.


Education and Trainings

Relevant Education
Transforming the Experienced Brain® (TEB); Austin Attachment and Counseling Centre 2020-2021
Somatic Experiencing®; SEI (Somatic Experiencing® International) Montreal and Ottawa 2018-2020
Family Constellation; Hellinger Learning Centre of Eastern Canada, Montreal 2016-2018
General Nursing; Linkoping University Hospital Sweden 1990-1992


Continuing Education

Eye Of The Needle 1+2 (EOTN) Dave Berger, Saskatoon, Canada


Mark Wolynn; Inherited Family Trauma , New York 

NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine):
Trauma and Memory
How to work with clients that are stuck
How to work with clients who struggle with an inner critic
Why the Vagal System holds the key to the treatment of Trauma
Berthold Ulshamer:
Solve your inner conflicts
Resmaa Manakem:
Racialized Trauma and Cultural Somatic Body
Diane Pool Heller:
Healing Sexual Trauma (with Peter A. Levine)
Nurturing Resilience during a traumatic crisis
Strategies to Address the Interplay Between shock and Developmental Trauma (with Peter A. Levine)
Peter A. Levine:
Making the invisible visible; a Trauma Healing Journey from Hauntings to Wholeness
Masterclass; How to work with people post Covid syndrome
Raja Selvam:
Pre and Perinatal Trauma Course
Judy Wilkins Smith; Money DNA

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