What my clients say

“With such compassion, wisdom and gentleness, Helena guided me through a difficult transition in my life right after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Somatic Experiencing proved to be the perfect support for me and my body, allowing me to sink into my deeper layers of stress, understand why my body was hurting, learning to listen to its messages, find acceptance and begin the journey back to myself.
I am a Yoga Therapist and Life Coach, and for a long time I felt I should be able to do this work myself, but I am so grateful that I found Helena and allowed myself the help. Somatic Experiencing with Helena have been life changing for me.
Thank you for being you, and of offering this work in the world.”

Trine Mikkelsen

“My time with Helena was a gentle unfolding. She patiently guided me through some difficult emotions and bodily sensations and into places of ease and grace. I’ve been finding myself more relaxed and focussed since our sessions together. I highly recommend her.”


“Tired of feeling exhausted, defeated, and broken after years of not getting help with several severe symptoms after a head injury 2015, I made the best decision in my life and seeked Helenas help for Somatic Experiencing. She has so much knowledge and shows interest in what I am going through and imparts her expertise with sensitivity toward solutions that are comfortable for me alone. Her solutions are custom-fit to my needs and not just technical language used by professionals. She offers help and lends her support in ways that challenge me and push me to get to the place where I can feel whole, complete and balanced. A place where I can be me.
She has helped in synchronizing my emotions with my body, which has helped me reduce my stress and has caused my symptoms to decrease.”


Helena Swanstrom

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) I have learnt to trust the bodys capacity to self regulate. By increased body awareness and the exploration of the language of the nervous system, the body can release stored tensions and recover from stress and trauma.

I’d Love to Support You

Do you ever experience thoughts or feelings like…

“I never feel safe anywhere”
“I never seem to find my place”
“I think I push people away”
“Since my car accident I haven’t been able to drive again”
“I feel I need to take care of everyone and I’m tired”
“When I’m getting close to someone, I get scared and leave”
“Since the attack I’m constantly on guard”
“I always fear that I will lose everything”
“I would love to enjoy life more”

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