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Somatic Experiencing® is an holistic approach developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD SE, to address stress and trauma . His exploration into how animals deal with threat (fight, flight or freeze) led to the development of SE™. He found that animals are not traumatized by routine threats to their lives, while humans on the other hand, are readily overwhelmed.
Though many people who experience traumatic events recover completely, for those who do not, unresolved trauma can lead to larger mental and physical health concerns, such as post traumatic stress, sleep problems, mood swings, or immune system problems.

“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” 
― Peter A. Levine

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Somatic Experiencing® aims to restore the body’s ability to self-regulate in order to achieve balance and integrity.

Maybe you recognise yourself in one or more of these statements?

“I never feel safe anywhere”
“I never seem to find my place”
“I think I push people away”
“Since my car accident I haven’t been able to drive again”
“I feel I need to take care of everyone and I’m tired”
“When I’m getting close to someone, I get scared and leave”
“Since the attack I’m constantly on guard”
“I always fear that I will lose everything”
“I would love to enjoy life more”

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

Maybe you’ve come to a point in your life when you’d like things to be different. Maybe you’ve tried many things that worked for a while, and then you find yourself stuck in moving forward, or out of ideas.

Part of growing is to acknowledge all parts of you and where you come from. What was the envirolment you  grew up in? What conditions were there for your parents, your ancestors? By conditionings we are told that curtain parts are better than others; happy is better than sad, a smile is better than a neutral or sad face, light is better than dark and so on. I belive all parts needs to be included and looked at like keys to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

There’s a reason for you feeling like you do. And by looking into what is working well in your life as well as where you feel limited, scared or stuck, you will start to understand where it all comes from, and with that growing awareness also find your way to move forward, to heal and to live the life you’d love to live.

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