And there it was…the sign!


A little while ago, me and Michel went to look at a house we found online after visiting an area we both had fallen in love the eastern townships of Montreal.

A week later we were the owner of A house, of THAT house, of THE house!

How do we know when it’s right? How do we know when it’s the right time to act?

For me, I noticed a curiosity and an excitement when I was walking around the house. At the same time all kinds of practical questions were hitting me, like “this is probably cold in the winter”, “this is FAR from Montreal”, “how will I make a living here”, “is this what I’d like to invest in?” and what will my Swedish family say if I root myself even deeper here…?”

I felt confused and amazed at the same time so I stopped and asked for a “sign” – and there it was – on the door of a bathroom was an old Swedish postcard with an advert for a Swedish baby soap!! It’s the ONLY thing written in Swedish I’ve seen here in three years (apart from IKEA).

I just looked at the postcard and smiled…somewhere in the house I heard Michel asking the agent wise and polite questions, but I could definitely hear that he knew too…this is it. This Is Our House.

We have now lived in our new house for 17 days. Everything went so fast…. and everything fell into place without hesitations or struggles.

I was honestly afraid of telling my children and my parents about this move, this investment, this settlement…I had pictured them with a “hope” that me being in Canada was temporary, that I’d be in Sweden soon again.

To my surprise, and gratitude, I’ve been met by nothing but support and excitement!

I notice in my body that I’m present and relaxed (and extremely tired in my muscles after all cleaning and unpacking…) and I wake up every morning with the excitement as if it was “Christmas Eve”!

These feelings and sensations in my body tells me that this is right. And trusting what my body tells me – in combination with me every now and then asking for a sign….

…..❤️… guides me.


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