..or “spirited away” as Google translates…
I’m fortunate every now and then to go to the west coast of Norway to work in a small hospital. For over 10 years I have returned here not only because of work…I simply love this place with it’s people, the fjord and the magnificent mountains!
In the olden days the word “bergtagen” had to do with the believes of supernatural beings who tricked human beings to follow them to their caves or underground. When they eventually got released they had a shift of mood. This is how many psychiatric illnesses were explained.
Nowadays the word is used as a metaphor when we feel exalted over for example a view.. and the humble feeling we get over natures greatness.
And that’s what I feel when I’m here! I experience that my mind gets clearer, I feel in touch with my inner being, my soul, and I feel grounded, humble, expanded, joyful and so so grateful!
What a place to be in, what a space to feel inside. Thank you.


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