Coddiwomple – what on earth is that?!


How can you travel purposefully towards an (as yet) unknown destination? Is that not contradictory? Do I need a map?

I needed to break this sentence in smaller pieces before it made sense to me, and this is; coddiwomple for me;

Starting with “To travel“; For me travelling is movement. Sometimes it is in physical form and I move towards something or someone. Physical movement like moving my body (for example in dance or sport) doesn’t necessary fall under the same definition here. Sometimes movement is more internal, like following a flow, an idea, a sense, an intuition or an impulse.

Purposefully“; I would translate that to “that, that has a full-filling meaning to me”; that is, doing what I love; working with personal growth, my own and others. By supporting someone with my presence and sometimes by sharing my knowledge and experiences. To do what I’m growing to trust that I’m good at. All this combined gives me a feeling that I’m meant to do this.

An as-yet-unknown“; In this present moment I have no clue what will happen next!

“Destination”; It might be a physical place and it might also be a feeling of completion. The end of a journey, a day trip or a short walk. Again I feel drawn to name the internal destination. A place inside which is the end of the road, home, me.

So, what do I need to bring on this coddiwomple journey?

I’ll bring a gift and a map! Why?

I feel I’m carrying a precious gift, something I’ve been given to nourish, to grow and to share. I’m trusting that the expanding sensation of joy, excitement and gratitude in my body, are signs that I’m moving in the right direction.

In the same way, trusting that I will notice if I need to slow down and look at the map, if the sensations in my body are the opposite; like feelings of fear, being lost or stuck. The map I’m referring to shows me valuable supportive tools; like techniques to ground myself or calm my mind. It also contains many amazing books written by different teachers in my life.

The most important part of this map is the long line of real people around me, supporting me in different ways; family and friends.

With this my friends, I feel equipped to continue on my own coddiwomple. Hope you got some inspiration for yours 💝


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