I’m a “gratidude”


Wanted to write about gratitude and noticed that I’d spelled it “gratidude” which made me smile!
I am rich. I am richer than I could ever dream of…and the currency I’m counting the richness in, is love. And the source of this richness comes from my heart.
Sometimes I feel an inner fire, sometimes it’s more of a silent inner warmth, and sometimes I have the feeling of warm honey filling my inside…
When I at times lose myself in worries about the future or judging myself for something I’ve said or done..or not done, it feels like this “passage” to my inner space is closed, or at least constricted. When I lose contact with this inner breath, words and actions without awareness comes out with the constricted outbreath.
Slowing down. Silence. Moving my body. Deep breaths. Putting one supporting hand on my heart and the other on my tummy. These are some of the tools I use when I need to get access to my inner space again.
The more I spend time breathing into this inner space, the more it expands and fills me. And breathing out, speaking or acting…. love and gratidude are released.
This has changed my life. By supporting myself finding this inner source of strength, love, compassion and gratitude, I’ve got to know me, a person I love to hang out with.
I’m a “gratidude” ❤️


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