January 2021 Newsletter

Days are getting lighter, have you noticed?!
And where I live, snow that’s fallen recently also helps brighten up this rather dark month of January.

Observing the surroundings in the nature shifting from one season to another is always a welcome reminder for me that whatever is happening, time moves us forward, and we don’t have do anything but follow, and change will happen. Like many I speak to, me as well have had time during the pandemic to contemplate about certain behaviors in me, like triggers and patterns that shows up when I feel stressed or worried. Not being able to plan (for the next trip, the next time to go and see family or just the next time inviting someone for dinner) has been one of these things for me. “Who am I when I can’t make plans…?” I’ve come to a place now where I most of the time actually appreciate being here and now not planning.

I’ve become better at checking in with me on a regular basis what I feel like doing just in this moment. If I have a thought of doing something, how does that resonate in my body? For example, when I think about going for a walk, take a bath, call a friend, read a book, eat something or have a nap? Does it feel like a constriction somewhere in the body or does it feel like an expansion? Check for yourself – your body might tell you!

When we have experienced some kind of trauma in our life, the ability to for example feel body sensations might be compromised, and we need support to reconnect with ourselves. If you can get support from a Therapist trained in Somatic Trauma Work, it’s of course great. And for you who isn’t ready for that or you just started to get curious and would like to do some research by yourself first, I’d like to list a few books that I’ve found very helpful understanding where I come from, my behaviors, patterns and the reasons they show up. And maybe you’ll get some inspiration about how you’d like to move forward yourself.

I have chosen to link to Amazon, but of course you can find them in many other places too.

The Mind Body Stress Reset by Rebekkah LaDyne:
In this book you both get the latest science about how our body and mind works as well as practical steps you can do for yourself to reduce overwhelm or stress. The book guides the reader in an easy way and introduces the somatic intelligence mixed with exercises. Link to Amazon; The Mind Body Stress Reset

The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk: In this groundbreaking book you’ll learn about how trauma reshapes your body and brain, and compromises a person’s capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control and trust. By activating the brain’s natural neuro plasticity by different tools you, can create new pathways to recovery.
Link to Amazon:The Body Keeps The Score

It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn: As the title of the book says, and like recent years  of science shows, traumatic experiences can be inherited. An ancestors’ unresolved suffering, often unknown to us, binds us to them and sometimes shows up in our own life in the most painful ways. The book describes a transformative approach where you can get a broader picture and understanding of your past and how it effects your present. Link to Amazon: It Didn’t Start With You

These are just examples and there are of course many more. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have comments, questions or would like support in how to take the next step!

Finally, in my latest Blog I share my thoughts about how to cultivate a Strong back and a Soft front, and why….


Strong Back Soft Front

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