November 2023 Newsletter

Dear reader,

Long time since an update and I’ll take the opportunity to also welcome new subscribers to my Newsletter!

6 months ago I left Canada and moved back to Sweden. It has taken me this time to settle, to readjust, to reconnect and to rest.

I spent the month of May walking the Camino in Spain (to Santiago de Compostela) for the second time. It was absolutely beautiful and I’m so grateful for my strong body putting up with crazy daily long walks for 30 days in a row!

As summer went by, I had time to see family and friends and I also worked as a nurse in Norway. And gradually I have felt the Scandinavian soil becoming more and more familiar, as I’m grounding myself here yet again.

As I’m writing this, I have just started up my Therapy business in Linköping Sweden, and I’m happy to meet old and new clients, both online and in-person!

And I’m happy to announce that I will have my office space in Lilla Kliniken (The Small Clinic) in central Linköping. I will also have access to a bigger space for groups in Lilla Yogastudion, and eventually I hope to be offering workshops and other activities there – more information to come…

I’m also working on translating parts of the content on my website into Swedish which hopefully will be finished at the end of December.

In October I spent 2 weeks in Denmark attending the first part (of two) of Star Sapphire Energy Training, which is a way to support our personal growth through looking into our inner polarities, our inner energetic man and woman. By being aware of these polarities and how it plays out in our relationships and at work, we can get more balanced.

I’d be happy to tell you more about it if you feel drawn to try a Star Sapphire session.

With this I wish You all the best for now and more news and updates will come in future Newsletters!

With gratitude,


+46 735466056


Lilla Kliniken, St Larsgatan 9, 582 24 Linköping Sweden


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Weekends: closed

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