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I’m writing this month’s Newsletter from my daughter’s place in Sweden. Visiting my family for a few weeks has been so nourishing for me, and also for them, I think.

During the pandemic most of us are missing out on time with our family and friends and long periods without the physical contact we are used to. So many times, during the past months have I heard; “The thing I miss most is getting a hug!”

Social connection and physical distancing have become a saying, and I think all of us in different ways are trying our best to do just that, to stay safe and still connected.

A lot of creativity has come out of this pandemic. We’ve been more or less forced to find new ways to do our work, to keep in touch, to do our shopping, to attend concerts and museums and even family gatherings, just to just give a few examples. This I find both inspiring and sad. Inspiring, because it seems like we have an incredible ability to adapt to difficult situations and then find new solutions for connection. Sad, because nothing can compare to a physical meeting when it comes to share events like weddings and of course also funerals.

Because we might be in this pandemic together, but our lives look different in many various ways. Living alone or in a relationship you are not happy with, makes a big difference compared to if you feel safe either alone or with someone. And not to forget that we also have different tools and recourses that supports us through difficult times.

The other night me and my daughter watched “Frozen II” (for the 4th time I think!) and I love the many messages in it. It’s about friendship, love, trust, hope, courage, loyalty and also about repair. And to do the next right thing, one step at the time.

A couple of years ago me and my children were lucky to attend the amazing show “Frozen” on Broadway, so this musical already had a magical place in our hearts..

There’s also a brilliant documentary of the making of this animated movie, showing so much heart in every detail, and I was so moved that I cried several times! In one part of the documentary one of the staff is reading a letter from a young girl. She wrote that “Frozen I” and the song “Let it go” literary saved her life with its messages of hope and love and never giving up.
Here’s a short trailer to the documentary;

We are currently experiencing maybe the most challenging time in our lifetime, and we need many different things to support us through. Sharing this today, is only one of many ways and I’m hoping I might inspire you to a visit in Elsa’s and Anna’s magical world … When reality is hard, like it is around us just now, a little escape into magic and imagination might give some sense of hope, at least it does for me!

I’m wishing you all the best for now and I’m looking forward to further connection!

With gratitude,


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