Strong and soft…


My yoga teacher (Yoga with Adriene) invited me the other day, for a moment to think about why I’m doing yoga? What makes me roll out my mat every morning? What are the effects I wish for, short and long term?

The answer came quickly to me; I want to contain a strong, soft healthy body.

Strong and soft …I felt a big smile spread all over my face when this realization moved deeper in me. This is what all the work I’m doing is about, to find the balance living my life strong AND soft! On the mat but more important, outside the yogamat in my day to day life.

On the yoga mat I really feel I’m strengthening my body in a soft and aware way. My breath guides me and brings me to my body, to here and now. I’m softening joints and parts of me that easily get tensed, and by listening to what my body needs in that moment on the mat, I also show my body respect, appreciation and love.

By bringing this awareness into any situation during a day, I will experience the same effect. The breathing makes me grounded and allows me to respond from a relaxed space inside of me. If I feel tense, slow down and get curious about the tension. Am I uncomfortable with what I am about to say or do? Am I afraid of the impact my action or response might have? If that feels true, another slow deep breath to see if something changes. I trust that that little breath of deepened awareness will make me act from a more true and vulnerable space in me.

Strength and action blended with softness, courage, curiosity and vulnerability, all wrapped in the awareness that’s needed for this very moment?

It make sense to me. And the worst that can happen? Is that I get tensed trying and judge myself for not being “aware enough”…which hopefully makes me curious, which hopefully will make me take a deep breath… (smile) ….and… repeat 😉❤️


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