Thank you 2019!


Taking a moment to look back at another year that have amazed me so many times by giving me new experiences, connections, surprises and mind-blowing moments.

I’d like to share a few things that I notice is different. Maybe You’ll take a moment and think about what You notice is different for You….?

❤ I feel more connected than ever to my family, even if we live on different continents.
❤ I see less judgement from others, probably because I’v stopped looking for it.
❤ I notice how support strengthens me and make me humble. When I reach out for support I notice how many people around me willingly and lovingly give of their time and support.

When I’m present with someone I show support. Sometimes, most times, that’s all that’s needed. To be listened to, and to listen to someone, with total presence and with no agenda, is how we can support each other. And this year, I have felt this support more and more, by connecting and by listening and also asking, with an open heart.

❤ My trust has grown. This year so many good things has happened without any effort.
❤ I feel I have found a place, a home, where I’d like to settle and grow.



So thank you 2019 for supporting me in my growth!

And now, time to move forward to 2020 with an open heart, curiosity and trust 🌟


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