The wisdom of the eagle


When I first saw this picture I felt nailed to it… to the eyes…the perfection…the strength…the balance…the focus…the trust that he’s carried. And I knew I’d eventually would write a blog about it.

What is it the eagle focusing on? What does he see that activates all his attention? Is it a prey? Is it a danger he’s preparing to meet? Or is he just moving forward…? He looks so confident. He seems to have a goal, at ease with the surroundings and is in control of every movement of his body.


If I for a second imagined I’m the eagle? How would that be? What would be my focus?

First, I would so much enjoy feeling the wind carrying me, forward and upward..feeling my wings, playing with the thermal…making me move in any direction. But with the power of the movements in my wings, I’m the one who’s to decide where to go..

My focus?

When I look ahead, I see my children a few years from now. They are happy and successful in their lives. I see my parents looking back at their lives, with gratitude and pride about what they’ve accomplished. I see my business growing in abundance. I see new projects and adventures. I see meaningful meetings and conversations. Me surrounded by people sharing the same interests in life. I see myself in a loving, supportive relationship, which allows me to expand even more…

And here I am. Trusting that the currents of the wind will bring me where I want to go. Sometimes I need to actively use my wings to direct where I’m going…and sometimes I can just float…

I know I’m moving forward. Life moves us forward either we like it or not. And looking at the eagle again, I strongly feel that one of the mysteries of how we are held and carried forward, are these things that are important to us to focus on. The things that makes us step out of bed, take the next step, to trust, to connect, to care, to support one another. Finding the meaningfulness to keep moving forward.

Thank you eagle, for your wisdom and guidance.


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