What do I WANT to do.. with all that I CAN do?


This sentence came to me in a dream some time ago. It happened in that moment when I was rising from sleep to an awaken state, and I experienced it totally loud and clear. I tried to stay in the moment to see if there was more to see, but I only felt very strongly that this is an important message.

What do I want to do…with all that I can do?!

I still feel the intensity in the message, in the question. And I believe I owe it to myself to find my answer.

When I take a look around and notice what is present in all areas in my life today I realize – actually with a bit of dizziness – that I see no limits. WOW!

So, that answers the second part of the message.

What do I WANT to do then?

If anyone reading this now was expecting me to start making a list of things I want to do, I’ll disappoint you.

Writing a “bucket list” or a “wishlist” here would be something different. I have a feeling that I’m asked to think a little deeper on this one…or a little outside my “box of comfort”.

It boils down to this; I’ve worked with people for over 30 years. I’ve shifted from working with people with more or less acute health problems, having no choice in choosing who to meet in that moment, to working with people who are actually asking to see me. Now in another role.

I believe that my experiences in meeting all kinds of people, genders, ages and cultures, has given me a broad perspective on diversity and equality. The reality is that sickness does not differ young from old, men from women.

What might differ is how we ourselves approach our own illness, or how we approach others illnesses.

At some point this became my main interest ,and this is where I want to grow and learn even deeper.

So what do I want to do with all that I can do?

I want to use all the experiences in my life and I want to trust that I have something to give, to share.

I want to use all of this to contribute, to make a difference in peoples lives.

Hm….think I got my answer!

What about you? What do YOU want to do….with all that you CAN do?!


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