Who will join the New Ark?

For about six months now our daily newsfeed has been filled with the spreading and the impacts of the pandemic. A big difference with this world crisis is that it is happening everywhere at the same time, so in a way “we are in this together”, or as a saying in Sweden; “we are all sitting in the same boat”. Still we are not. We may be on the same ocean, but we are not sitting in the same boat. We are equipped so differently how to deal with the pandemic or any other crisis, individually and globally.

For many people who have lost their jobs, their safety and, or, a loved one, nothing will ever be the same. For many countries it will take years, if ever, to recover financially.

Individually and globally we carry traces of our history, consciously and unconsciously. In a crisis some of these traces’ surfaces, and our way to handle and adapt to current situation depend on who we are and the resources we have access to.

I find it hard these days to see the injustice in the world. Not only because of the pandemic, also other injustices brought to light more than ever that has to do with equality, race, poverty and misuse of power. This is nothing new. I just feel the volume has increased in the world, or the reporting covering these issues are broader.

And strangely enough this is where I find hope. As well as all these injustices are present, I also sense a rise, a movement of caring, compassion and connection.

I’m intrigued to make a comparison to Noah and The Ark. According to the bible, Noah was asked by God to build an ark and gather different species of animals and gather his family. Then be prepared to set off on this ark when The Flood would come. In the Bible God is angry at the humans and wants to punish them by sweeping them away. However, he seemed to want to save some to be given another chance to survive and to start over again. For that to happen it was needed to have the right selection of people and animals onboard for what was to come, after The Flood…

Currently the world has come to a halt. We have for example almost stopped flying, production is low in many branches and consuming has gone to a minimum for quite some time now. And again, with huge impact individually and globally.
How things will be when the wheels start to whirl again, nobody knows for sure. But I’m curtain that we need to do a lot of things different, starting now.

So if we stop for a moment, and look around. Look around our nearest surroundings, widen it to our village, city, province and country. Imagine that you lift yourself to get a view over our Earth. What if we start to look at The Earth and its habitats as ONE unit and find ways to spread the resources and the support where it’s best needed.
What does The Earth seem to need in different places? Some countries already today say that they need far more farmers then there are, health professionals for sure and craftsmen of different kind.
Maybe we don’t need all these airline companies, the huge selection of different brands and thousands of restaurants…maybe we need to look into what is needed in the world, instead of how can I use this world for my own purpose? Climate scientists have for years tried to make their voice heard about how The Earths resources are running out and that we are preventing our children and grandchildren a future if we don’t start doing things different NOW.

So, to have said that, from crisis also comes opportunity. Imagine an invitation to join The Next Ark, lets give her the name “Futura”, would look like this;

Welcome to join Futura for a ride into the future!
You need to be prepared to pack less. You will have to learn new skills that might be needed where you decide to live. You might have to re-educate yourself to do something you’ve never done before. You need to be prepared to travel less. You will need to get some new habits considering food. You will generously give from your abundance to someone in greater need.
And if you when reading this invitation feel that this is too much to give up from what you have today, I’m sorry, then there will be no place for you. But I do know that the ones that come along will hopefully all be part of a New World where diversity means strength, generosity comes before selfishness, sustainability the priority on every board meeting and a growing awareness that we need to be in this together to succeed. A growing community where there is an openness to connection and collaboration.
For The Earth and for The Future Caretakers of Her 🕊
Are you in…?


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