I would like to share something that happened to me during one of my many walks in the Botanical Gardens in Montreal today. I like spending time there, I do it often, many times a week, walking different rounds different days…just feeling where I need to go today…at this moment.
Today I went to the BIG TREES, the pines, the junipers, the old oaks…I’ve felt it before and I felt it today; the connection with the trees. My feet seems to want to go there days when I feel a little bit lost, a bit rootless and in need of grounding.
I read somewhere that the root system of trees are connected deep in the soil, beneath the surface we walk on and that they communicate and support each other – even at long distances..
Suddenly I felt my heart expand and I got tears in my eyes..and a warm feeling of gratitude rose in me..and I could feel my parents, my children and a long line of friends who are spread all over the world…They were all there, somehow connected with the roots.
I bowed and smiled to the trees in gratitude for the support and the remainder that I’m never alone.


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