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Above me, where I´m sitting at my desk, I have a big window.  I love watching how now the trees are shifting colors from day to day outside my window… Every season has its own beauty, but autumn I must say, is spectacular in its diversity of colors!

While resting my eyes, looking up from my monitor, I notice how now and then a leaf decide to let go of the branch it’s been sitting on since May…like a light sigh, it slowly let go and swirls towards the ground..

Again, I’m amazed by the changes in nature, the many opposites that manifests; summer with its warmth and winter cooling everything down, spring with the awakening of it all and autumn when everything goes to sleep…

The opposites are necessary. We wouldn’t be aware of the light if there wasn’t darkness, just as we wouldn’t notice cold if there wasn’t also warmth. And we wouldn’t notice kindness if there wasn’t also harshness…

You cannot have East without having West.
And you cannot have night without having day.
And you cannot have summer without having winter.
We have to accept the life in its totality.
There is a certain rhythm, there is a polarity.
~ Osho

In relationships we sometimes forget that we are carrying many of these opposites inside, but they usually manifest themselves as one stronger than the other, for example we might say; “I’m and introvert and my husband is an extrovert”.

So, polarities and paradoxes are part of life and part of how we define ourselves in relation with others and life itself.

I recently listened to a podcast exploring this topic. It’s a conversation between Brené Brown and Esther Perel, and I think I can promise you more than one recognition (and many laughs)!


Speaking of paradoxes…In my latest blog I share some of my darker sides that surfaced when we a couple of months ago got a puppy….

Latest blog 

Wishing you a beautiful October – and maybe some exploration of the opposites or paradoxes in your life…knowing that one would not survive without the other ☯️

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