October 2022 Newsletter

Hope this finds you well, it’s been a while since I last wrote. And a special welcome to You who are new to my Newsletter!

My hope is that my writing may be inspiring for you in one way or the other. I usually blend my own experiences of life with hints about books, articles or podcasts that I come across. They all have one thing in common and that is the many different ways to grow as a being.  

And my belief is that one of the reasons for you to be here is that we share that interest, so warm welcome!

Today I will share some thoughts coming from my own introspection and experience when it comes to getting to know myself and grow. There is a lot written about self-development, personal and spiritual growth and because of my interest I have read and learnt a lot through them. What resonates most with me are the ones supporting me in trusting my own inner wisdom.

Embracing this and using different tools to get to know and trust that inner wisdom (you can call it intuition, gut feeling, your higher self or your soul), has changed the way I’d like to live and show up in this world. It is also my focus and always present in my work with clients.

So to say, when you read or hear something, always check in with yourself how it resonates with you on a deeper level, in your body, before deciding that “this or that” is for you. You know what is best for you.

I talk more about how this can be done in my latest blog post; https://helenaswanstrom.com/theres-a-link-between-soul-and-body-awareness/

This is also a time of the year when I think back walking the Camino de Compostela in Spain, now 7 years ago. Some of the many things the Camino taught me was the joy of simplicity and to be present for every moment. Also to focus on dealing with what is needed right now. I remember smiling while walking, thinking about how much “drama” I would create in a day just by being worried about something that might not ever happen….On the Camino you simply attend to filling the water bottle when needed, put the rain gear on when needed, stop when you’re tired, eat when you are hungry….

2 years ago I wrote a blog about the Camino-simplicity and I find it well worth sharing it again;

Wishing you a beautiful autumn!

With gratitude,



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